Interning at Google Switzerland - Practical Tips

09 Jun 2023

I have been fortunate enough to twice get the opportunity to intern at Google Switzerland (I am as a matter of fact midway through the second of those internships at the time of writing this). Until my first internship here, I had never set foot in Switzerland before and, to be honest, didn’t know all that much about the country (beyond a reputation for chocolate, expensive watches, and supposedly shady banks). In this post I aim to recount some of the things I have learnt and give some hopefully useful advice for those about to begin an internship in Switzerland for the first time.

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Handling Integer Overflow in Rust

28 Jan 2023

In perhaps a majority of cases, integer overflow is not intended. It’s easy to find many instances of integer over and underflow causing unexpected behaviour in software - ranging from the amusing -127 lives glitch in Super Mario Bros., to a frightening bug in the software of the Boeing 787. In the hope of preventing these issues, the Rust compiler performs analysis on code to identify cases of potentially unintended integer overflow, while also offering a few different ways for programmers to explicitly allow overflow as desired - this is what we will explore in this article.

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